Selfie a day can earn more followers on Instagram


In past, it was easy to get followers on Instagram but nowadays it became so hard. It’s not only you who isn’t getting followers there are a lot of peoples who aren’t getting enough reach. Instagram strategies have been changed completely, you need new tricks and strategies if you want to get a huge number of followings on Instagram in twenty eighteen.

Instagram is one the fastest growing social media platform where we share our photos, daily routine stories, and video with our friends and fellows. Peoples are addicted to Instagram in 2018 and everyone is struggling with following and likes but few of them are getting desired response. If you want to get more followers on Instagram you have to use some tricks and strategies to get the desired reach.

Lots of businessmen, celebrities and politicians are there who make their worth by Instagram fans. It’s not that easy to get followers on Instagram as you think but it can be easy if you use some strategies and apply it to your account. Their management teams work behind their growing Instagram profile. Here are some strategies to grow on Instagram.

Build your profile in a mannered way

Your profile’s 1st look is much important to get more like and following on Instagram. You must build your profile as your portfolio on Instagram. Your profile must look a celebrity or business profile when you’re focusing to increase followers on Instagram. An online visitor takes less than one sec to form impression for your profile.

  • Your name should be Unique and optimized
  • Your skills must be added to your Instagram Bio
  • Use emojis to make your profiles attractive
  • Include your current living location in Instagram Bio
  • Your display picture should be appealing and attractive according to your profession

Post Stories Daily:

  • Post some of your routine stories on daily basis.
  • Your stories must be creative and encourage peoples to watch.
  • Stories must be appealing

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Posting photo on Instagram can only be beneficial and helping to for your following chain when you post some quality photos like selfies. Selfies are in trend from last 2 years and becoming more trendy day by day. You should post a selfie every day to grow your Instagram followings. Post your photos according to new fashion and trend. Posting selfie every will help you much to increase your Instagram followings. Posting a selfie every day is the best way to get organic reach to your profile.

Use (#) Hashtags:                          

Include trending keywords in your profile with the hashtag. Use more hashtags in your every video and photo description. Spread your hashtag on different social media platform to get traffic to your instream profile. Peoples will visit your profile organically and you’ll start getting more and more following and like to your profile.

Putt branded hashtag in your bio to get good and active followers to your profile. Use special hashtags which is a good way to get more followers on Instagram. Use those tags which suits your profile. Do not use irrelevant tags on your post because tags have their own language. Using irrelevant tags can decrease your post reach which also impacts on your followings.

Like Posts Daily as Much as You Can

Get connected to peoples and like more and more posts. Your response to other’s will also help to get more followers on Instagram. Liking more peoples stuff will help you to get more and more reach and followers. Just like and comment on other’s people’s stuff is also noticeable point to get more and more traffic to your Insta profile. Remember to not aim too much post, liking too much will let your profile’s value down and also remember to like quality stuff.

Add Captions:

Remember to add a caption to your photos and videos. Instagram is all about photo and video and if you’re uploading unpleasant photos you’ll never get reach. Caption make photos more appealing which is one of the key strategies to get more and more followers on Instagram. Try to use the funny and related caption to your photo to grow your profile. Post your photos and stories to your profile daily but don’t spam. Posting once or twice is enough for the rest of the day. Don’t post too much, this will also leave a bad impact on your followers and you’ll start losing your fans rather than an increase in numbers.

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